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Civil War Monument, Iowa Capitol Grounds

Dinner Reservations

Delicious selections await you. You can expect hearty fare and generous portions served family style. The menu varies and may include beef, pork, chicken, or fish. To see typical choices, click on the Banquet Menu. Meal prices average about $22. Food selection at special events varies but is equally delectable but may be priced differently.

Visitors are always welcome. To ensure a place at dinner, please make advance reservations. You may call or mail in your reservation by the date indicated below. Whether you mail your payment or bring it to the meeting, please make your check payable to the Des Moines Civil War Roundtable.

NOTE: No Meetings Scheduled at This Time

Entrees Served -- Information to Come
Reservation Deadline -- Information to Come When Meetings Resume
Cancellations -- Must be received by (date to come) at 10:30 a.m.

CALL 515-262-3958 for reservations and last-minute changes
MAIL reservations to Ron Nurmi, 1424 E. Walnut Street #4, Des Moines, Iowa 50316.

>> Please allow at least three days for mailed reservations to arrive. If you're not sure your request will arrive on time, call instead. You may email your reservations as well.

Mail-in Dinner Reservation Form

Please make check payable to the Des Moines Civil War Roundtable. Send to: Ron Nurmi, 1424 E. Walnut Street #4, Des Moines, IA 50316.

___________ Number of Dinners @ $22 each
___________ Total amount enclosed



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Email Address____________________________________________________

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